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Taxi private transfer:Budapest ShipStation-River Cruise Port

The prices are per car and include all fees: highway toll, parking fees, Meet & Greet services, all taxes and VAT. Prices are valid for one way.


Fares information: From Budapest ShipStation - River Cruise Port
Maximum number of passengers:
Maximum number of luggage:
Vehicle brands, model
Mercedes, Seat, VW
Mercedes E W213
Mercedes S W222
Mercedes V-Class
Mercedes Sprinter
Vehicle photos:
To Downtown and castle district
€ 10 – 20.-
€ 45.-
€ 105.-
€ 40.-
€ 130.-
To Budapest Train Station
€ 10 – 20.-
€ 45.-
€ 105.-
€ 40.-
€ 130.-
To Budapest Airport (BUD)
€ 25 – 32.-
€ 60.-
€ 120.-
€ 65.-
€ 130.-
To Budapest International Bus Station
€ 10 – 20.-
€ 45.-
€ 105.-
€ 40.-
€ 130.-
To Vienna / Austria
€ 290.-
€ 390.-
€ 650.-
€ 420.-
€ 550.-
Taxi Service: The above taxi fares approximate and depend on traffic congestion but these are the maximum prices.


Budapest, Hungary International ShipStation. River Cruise Boat Ports - MAHART 

Budapest Port is the gateway of cruise ship passengers to Hungary. It is considered a major cruise port of the country and an important contributor to Hungary’s tourism industry. Budapest is a large city with a population of 1.7 million and has the biggest Jewish community in the whole of Europe. The port is situated has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is the Port’s Address? Budapest, Hungary River Cruise Port Terminal location on the map:

MAHART PASSNAVE LTD / International Ship Station
H-1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart
What is the Port’s Telephone Number?
TEL: +36 30 585-5944
FAX: +36 1 484-4009
Budapest River Cruise - Online timetable:
What Cruise Lines use the Port?
A'Rosa  Donna, A'Rosa Bella, A'Rosa Mia, A'Rosa Riva, AMAVIOLA, ASARA, AURELIA (2), AmaVerde, Amabella, Amacerto, Amadeus (1), Amadeus Brilliant (1), Amadeus Elegant (1), Amadeus Queen(1), Amadeus Rhapsody (1), Amadeus Royal (1), Amadeus Silver (1), Amadeus Silver II (1), Amadeus Symphony(1), Amalea, Amareina, Amaserena, Amasonata, Amavenita, Amelia, Amethyst (1), Anesha, Ariana (2), Avalon Expression, Avalon Illumination, Avalon Impression, Avalon Luminary, Avalon Panorama, Avalon Passion, Avalon Vista, Beethoven, Bellissima, Bolero(1), Crystal Mozart, Danubia (1), Der Kleine Prinz, ESPRIT, Elegant Lady (2), Esmeralda(3), Excellence Princess, Fidelio (2), Filia, Rheni, JOY, L'Europe, MELODIA, Maxima (1), Modigliani, Monarch Baroness, Monarch Empress, Monarch Princess,NICKOVISION, OSCAR WILDE, Princesse de Provence, ROBERT BURNS, Regina Rheni, River Art (3), River Discovery II., River Duchess, River Empress, River Splendor, Rossini (1), Rousse Prestige(2), Royal Emerald, S.S. Beatrice, S.S. Maria Theresa, SAVOR, Sofia (3), Swiss Crystal, Swiss Diamond, Swiss Tiara, Symphonie, THOMAS HARDY, Thurgau Silence(1), Thurgau Ultra (1), Travelmarvel Jewel(1), Travelmarvel Sapphire(1), Viking Aegir, Viking Atla, Viking Baldur, Viking Egil, Viking Eistla, Viking Embla, Viking Gefjon, Viking Gullveig, Viking Hermod, Viking Jarl, Viking Legend, Viking Lif, Viking Magni, Viking Mimir, Viking Prestige, Viking Skadi, Viking Skirnir, Viking Tor, Viking Var, Viking Vilhjalm, Viking Vili, Viktoria(1), Vista Flamenco, Vivaldi
What's the Nearest Airport to the Cruise Port?
The nearest airport from Budapest port is Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (Liszt Ferenc Airport 1-2). It is a short 40-45-minute drive from the cruise port terminal.
What Attractions are Near the Cruise Port?
One highly popular tourist destination close to the port is Buda Castle. The castle features excellently preserved artefacts such as statues and monuments. The city is also famous for its many old bridges adorned with intricate designs. Another popular tourist attraction is St. Stephen’s Basilica which has a neoclassical architecture and stands 96 meters in height. The dome of the Basilica affords visitors are the panoramic view of the city. The city is also known for its many hot and thermal springs. Budapest has 118 hot springs that supply the city’s many bathhouses and spas with warm therapeutic spring water. Such was the reputation of its springs that in 1934, the Budapest was declared the "City of Springs.” Today, the city’s old-timers mostly frequent Budapest’s many bathhouses, while the younger set prefers going to water discos that are open during the summer.

Budapest, Hungary International ShipStation. River Cruise Boat Ports – MAHART, Belgrád rakpart. Online taxi and private transfers. Cruise terminal to Airport.