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Providing transportation to Hungarian Historical Towns. Taxi, Bus, Limousine Service.
Transfer from/to Budapest - Hungarian Historical Towns. Attractions Hungarian Historical Towns Gyor, Sopron, Koszeg, Szombathely. Sightseeing - detailed description:

Hungarian Historical Towns



The town built to defend the Roman province of Pannonia, became the bishopic and regional centre at the time of the foundation of the Hungarian state. Its fortress later served to defend Vienna from the Turks. During the 18th century the town’s soldiers were replaced by merchants- it was the baroque predecessor of the industrial town which arised there at the 20th century. The romantic and classical elements on the town houses can also be seen on the Gyor National Theatre, home of the famous Gyor Ballet. You have to climb up Chapter Hill to get up to the basilica. It was built for nearly a century - what can be seen also on its different styles - the eastern apses are Romanesque, the southern aisle is Gothic, the west facade is has classical style. The town is also called the town of the waters (here meets the river Danube with the river Raba and the Mosoni-Duna). On the banks of the river Danube the visitor can see a row of boathouses, restaurants, hotels, a park, a bandstand and one of Hungary’s most beautiful outdoor swimming pools (Hajos Alfred). Among many museums You can find here also the Chemist’s Museum, the Zichy Palace (which is famous for its frescos), the Eszterhazy Palace (gives home to the art gallery)



It was here that the Romans built the forum at Scarbantia. It was here that the castle wall was built to defend the medieval houses, where the Gothic churches were built, where the Renaissance and the Baroque town houses were constructedand where the 19th and 20th century palaces appeared. In 1975 the town received the Europe Award for its achievements in presenting its ancient monuments. The town is often called as the country’s loyalest town, as following the First World War the inhabitants had the opportunity to decide whether the town should become the part of Austria or remain in Hungary and in the plesbicit the most of the inhabitants voted for remaining in Hungary. The centre of Sopron is arranged around two squares linked together by a number of streets. Even in the Middle Ages there was a lack of space within the town walls- the one-way streets still dominate. You can find here catholic and lutheran churches, synagogues, baroque and renaissance residences, theatres and casino and numeruos inns.



The Koszeg family built a castle to protect the town in the 13th century. The inner castle is said to be the oldest part of Koszeg. The castle now is a cultural centre, especially when the castle theatre is up and running in the courtyard. Here you can also visit the Miklos Jurisics Castle Museum with its local history collection and the unique Grape Book. Koszeg’s town Hall is perhaps the oldest functioning town hall in Hungary! The town has been governed from here continually since the 14th century. The largest building in the town centre is the Gothic revival Church of the Sacred Heart in the main square.



Remains going back to the prehistoristic times have been found between the boundaries of Szombathely, the country town of Vas. It is difficult ot date such finds with any great accuracy, the fact that Emperor Claudius founded Colonia Claudia Savariensuim, otherwise known as Savaria, means, we can date the town to about 50AD. The most important building in the centre is the Episcopal Palace with the ecclesiastical historz collection. The Ecclesiastical Library and Archives can be found behind the simple baroque façade of the old seminary. The town’s great cultural events include the Spring Festival, The Savaria International Dance Festival, the Bartok Seminary and festival and the Iseum Open Air Festival.

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