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Taxi- Bus- MiniVan- Limousine | Full-day trip from Budapest


Lake Balaton:

Lake Balaton located just over an hours drive south west from Budapest. One of the biggest lakes in Europe, often referred to as the Hungarian Sea. Lake Balaton has something for everyone: yachting, water sports, superb wines produced in the region. During the summer season around the Lake there are wine festivals, music shows and traditional Hungarian events of the different towns.

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Vienna / Austria:

When Austria was given sovereignty after the post World War Two occupation, it was eventually established that Austria was going the way of the West and not that of the Eastern Block. So the city became more isolated from its previous ties to its Slavic and Hungarian neighbors; the east of Austria was surounded by the Iron Curtain. Vienna had gone from being the well established metropolitan city of Central Europe to the capital of a small, predominately German-speaking nation of states with strong regional identities.

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Hollókő - Original Folklore Hungary:

Hollókö, the most beautiful gem in the gently rolling Palóc scenery, has been a World Heritage Site since 1987. The embracing slopes of the Cserhát hills have protected the small houses hiding in a valley from the gales of history, so the village has been able to preserve its authentic charm. The most precious part of the village is the central area with 58 protected buildings, which preserves masterpieces of 17th century vernacular architecture. The local ethnic Palóc people lived in the same houses for several generations.

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Hungarian Wine Regions:

• Tokaj
• Eger
• Balaton-felvidek
• Villany

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National Park:

• Hortobágy
• Kiskunság
• Bükk
• Aggtelek
• Fertö-Hanság
• Danube – Dráva
• Körös-Maros
• Upper Balaton
• Danube - Ipoly
• Örség .

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